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Brief review

Windows Mail Recovery comes with a simple interface that won’t cause any confusion. Direction indications and small setup prompts lead the way for users looking to recover deleted Windows mail. This program couldn’t be simpler to use and it is perfect for users of all levels thanks to a clean interface and user-friendly setup.


Most recovery programs on the current market are focused on Outlook and Outlook Express. As the name suggests, Windows Mail Recovery is for those who currently use Windows Mail. Using this program following download means simply running the program and then selecting the emails that you wish to recover, that’s it.

Main Function

Sometimes it is possible to delete an email that you never meant to delete. When this happens, you have two options: forget about the email forever or use a recovery program. Windows Mail Recovery works very well when it comes to retrieving emails that have been previously deleted. Emails are retrieved quickly and can be recovered fully.

Extra Features

The one extra feature that Windows Mail Recovery includes is the ability to view the subject line and first few lines of a message prior to recovering an entire email. This simple feature helps users discover which emails are worth recovering and which ones can be deleted forever.


The retail price of Windows Mail Recovery is $49.95, which might seem like a lot to pay for such a simple program. However, this program works effectively every time and it is a huge lifesaver if you have deleted an email that you need to recover.

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Reviewed by Danny Mills
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